Why Modernizing IBM Z Is Better Than Replatforming

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Modernizers relish platform capabilities that spur innovation, lower cost, and generate more revenue.

Businesses with IBM Z are under the same pressure as all other businesses to digitally transform. Those that are fully aware of their IBM Z capabilities choose to modernize on the platform.

When Modernizing on IBM Z, What Kinds of Initiatives Do Businesses Typically Undertake?

Investments in AI go hand in hand with organizations’ increasing ability to train AI algorithms for their industry’s most important use cases and infuse the IBM Z applications with inferencing capabilities on those AI algorithms.

Hybrid cloud is the preferred cloud strategy for most enterprises and serves as a critical enabler for all other initiatives.

Internet of Things investments target the data volumes that are ingested, analyzed, and leveraged for real-time decision making.

IDC research demonstrated unequivocally that businesses that remain on what are sometimes referred to as “legacy” platforms and that take advantage of the plethora of hardware and software innovations that have been made available for those platforms have an overall better outcome, quantitatively and qualitatively, than those that move off them.

Modernizers are More Satisfied…

IDC has found that modernizers are more satisfied with their IBM Z DX capabilities than replatformers across a range of characteristics.

Modernizers Spend Less…

Modernizers spent less on the modernizing initiative (even with new IBM Z hardware) than replatformers on their replatforming initiative.

IDC’s analysis of the data shows that if both modernizers and replatformers invest the same amount in new hardware (within $400K – $2M), then modernizers pay less for software, staffing, consulting, and disruption due to the initiative than replatformers.

Modernizing Delivers Cost Savings and Drives Revenue…

Businesses that modernize on IBM Z are reaping the benefits. As a direct result of the modernization initiatives on IBM Z, organizations were able to run more cost efficiently while growing their business.

They incurred lower costs in terms of hardware capex, software opex, and staffing opex, while generating more revenue.

Examine the data derived from the new IDC whitepaper to better understand the platform capabilities that are spurring innovation, lowering cost, and generating more revenue for modernizers.

Download the IDC Whitepaper: The Quantified Business Benefits of Modernizing IBM Z and IBM i to Spur Innovation

Read the IDC InfoBrief.

Watch the IDC Modernization Video .

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