What is Scrum?

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WHAT IS SCRUM? Scrum Alliance presents “What is Scrum?” in less than 2 minutes. Learn about the Scrum framework and how teams across several industries typically operate in a Scrum methodology. Transcript below:


Complex projects can lead to real headaches… Organizing the team… Changes in scope… Roles that aren’t clear.
But you can change that with Scrum, an Agile framework. At its foundation, Scrum can be applied to any project or product development effort. Here’s how it works:
• A product owner creates the product backlog, a prioritized wish list.
• During Sprint Planning, the team pulls a chunk from the top of that list and decides how to complete it.
• The team has a set timeframe (the sprint) to complete their work. They meet in a daily scrum to keep the work moving forward.
• Along the way, the ScrumMaster keeps the team focused.
• At the end of the sprint, the work should be potentially shippable.
• The team conducts a sprint review on the product and a retrospective on the process.
• And then, they choose the next chunk of the backlog and the cycle repeats.
With Scrum, you can ensure the most valuable work has been completed by the time the project ends. Tackle your projects with Scrum.

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