Top 10 Agile Alliance Blog Posts of 2020

The Agile Alliance blog is a popular destination for our community of practitioners. It contains the latest and greatest articles in the Agile space.

A wide array of topics were popular in 2020. Thanks for reading our blog this year — join us next year for even more great how-to guides, best practices, and more!

Here are our most popular posts in 2020:

1. OKRs From a Beyond Budgeting Perspective

Bjarte Bogsnes explains how Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are being used in conjunction with Beyond Budgeting tools in Agile organizations.

2. Agile Methods Are No Match for Outdated Leadership

Lejla Cizmic describes why organization leaders must be willing to change their leadership approach to enabling teams rather than micromanaging and controlling them in order to be successful.

3. Tips for Better Remote Meetings

Many people who are accustomed to going to the office are working from home now — which means more remote meetings. Esther Derby offers some tips to make them better.

4. How Can You Know Whether Your Scrum Masters are Effective?

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Sarah Baca discuss the challenges in determining whether Scrum Masters are doing a good job. What exactly does it mean to do a good job in a highly contextualized role?


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