SoPost Launches Beauty Club Community in Collaboration with OK! Magazine

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OK! Magazine’s Beauty Club Powered by SoPost Aims to Deliver Custom Product Samples While Also Helping Top Beauty Brands Garner Intelligent Product Feedback

New York, NY, June 9, 2021 — SoPost, a state-of-the-art online sampling platform, have launched their digital community partnership with OK! Magazine. The OK! Beauty Club is a great way for consumers to get free product samples while providing leading beauty brands with powerful consumer data and feedback.

By integrating with SoPost’s sampling platform, OK! Beauty Club brands can target their product-sampling campaigns based on consumers’ specific needs and beauty preferences. Through members adding in their personal preference, unique ‘zero party data’ consumer data is created which can be very powerful pieces of data for brands to consider while planning future initiatives.

By joining OK! Beauty Club, community members can receive free samples of products they’re actually interested in, leading to better consumer insights and higher engagement for beauty brands. Users can engage with brands at a proven 10% response rate. Consumers can also leave reviews that can be syndicated via the SoPost platform, creating deep data insights for brands looking for both consumer and product feedback.

OK! Beauty Club is free to join and is available for users in the United Kingdom. Top beauty brands have deployed SoPost’s community solution, with many other brands on the way. To date, the OK! Beauty Club community has garnered over 40,000 active users.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with OK! Magazine to provide their readers a unique and authentic online sampling experience. As we look ahead, we believe that community-driven sampling will continue to expand as a channel for leading beauty brands to gather real consumer insights at scale,’” said Jonny Grubin, CEO and founder of SoPost.

To learn more please visit: and visit the OK! Beauty Club Powered by SoPost. 

About SoPost:

SoPost is a global technology company based in London and New York that provides state-of-the-art online sampling campaigns for leading beauty and CPG brands, with a focus on consumer product-relevance, data, and analytics. With a large and diverse array of integrated channels and partners, SoPost is the leading sampling platform on the market – driving more efficient sample distribution and product feedback with custom machine-learning AI algorithms that match consumers to products they are interested in.

Brands choose SoPost for their easy campaign setup, seamless ordering with minimal distribution wastage, timely international fulfillment, and deep campaign analysis and reporting. Founded in 2012, SoPost is active in 15 markets and partnered with over 200 leading beauty and CPG brands. SoPost has engaged with over 10 million consumers, and captured over 2.5 million survey responses and reviews.

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