Scrum and Kanban: Make your teams better by busting common myths

Content By Scrum Youtube

What’s your reaction to the following statements?

– Scrum is for product teams; Kanban is for service teams.
– Scrum is for complex work; Kanban is for simple work.
– Our Scrum team has evolved to become a Kanban team.
– We do ScrumBan.
– We do Kanban because we can’t plan out for an entire Sprint.
– Scrum is revolutionary; Kanban is evolutionary.

If you agreed with any of these statements, this webinar will teach you concepts that will challenge how you view both Scrum and Kanban.

The webinar covers the following:

– How to improve your Sprint forecasting using common Kanban metrics.
– How to improve your Kanban team’s kaizen with Scrum’s events, roles and artifacts.
– How combining the Kanban practices with the Scrum Framework will enhance the collaboration across your teams.

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