Predict 2021: What Does the Future Hold?

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While 2020 was a challenging year, it was also a year of resilience, innovation and rapid acceleration of digital transformation. So, what does 2021 have in store for us? At Predict 2021 Virtual Summit, taking place Jan. 21-22 at 10 a.m. ET, top industry leaders will share their speculations on what the future holds in the realms of DevOps, cybersecurity, digital transformation, cloud native and IT.

Predict 2021 is a free, multi-track virtual event featuring a conference lobby, presentation theater, expo hall and more. Attendees will be able to interact with sponsors and peers, watch videos and download information. It will be a great opportunity for networking and learning about what the “new normal” will look like for DevOps.

In addition to the great speaker sessions, there will be panel discussions, interactive Q&As with speakers, a scavenger hunt, giveaways and other interactive activities.

This year’s event features outstanding sessions from industry leaders, including:

  • “Sustaining The Pace of Digital Change,” keynote by Emmet B. Keeffe III of Insight Partners.
  • “Digital Transformation Panel,” keynote by Flint Brenton of Centrify, Ashok Reddy of and Tracy Ragan of DeployHub.
  • “Welcome to the Data Care Industry,” keynote by Ron Gula and Cyndi Gula, Gula Tech Adventures.
  •  “What Does 2021 Hold for DevOps and CI/CD?,” by Jim Rose, CircleCI.
  • “Cloud Native Tech,” by Tracy Miranda of CloudBees, Tracy Ragan of DeployHub and Isaac Mosquera of Armory.
  • “Software’s Not Living Up To Its Cloud-Enabled Promise,” by Jen Grant, Appify.
  • “Observability and AI: Bringing DevOps Back to the Future,” by Adam Frank, Moogsoft.
  • “Increase in Cloud-Native Apps Drives Key Challenges and Opportunities in 2021,” by Ankur Singla, Volterra.

On the second day of Predict 2021, MediaOps CEO and Editor-in-Chief Alan Shimel will also be announcing the 2020 DevOps Dozen² Awards winners.

To check out the full agenda and to register, please visit the Predict 2021 website.

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