Pattern89 Forecasts Social Media Ad Trends for Super Bowl, COVID-19 Visuals in New Report

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Predictive performance platform analyzed billions of data points to provide advertisers and marketers with impactful, AI-driven insights on the creative that will engage users now and in the future

INDIANAPOLIS – February 2, 2021 – Pattern89, a platform that specializes in creative artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize digital marketing performance, today announced the January 2021 Creative Forecast report, with insights on the engagement of video and image-based ads, the 2021 Super Bowl, creative life cycles, COVID-19 vaccine visuals and more.

“The future of the industry is found in data-driven agencies and marketers. Educated guesses aren’t reliable enough for the new world we live in, and humans simply can’t account for all of the trends, variables and insights at their disposal,” said R. J. Talyor, CEO and Founder of Pattern89. “Our humanity and creativity can thrive alongside AI. Better yet, the confidence we’re able to put into these forecasts can save budgets from wasteful A/B spending.”

Pattern89’s Creative Forecasts exist to understand the future of ad creative. With so many rapid, global changes from 2020, the January 2021 Creative Forecast helps marketers start their year off on the right foot, with hundreds of data-backed marketing predictions. Different than other marketing automation tools on the market, Pattern89 analyzes billions of historic and current trends to provide marketers predictive performance insights. In this new report, including pages of insights and in-depth creative briefs, marketers will learn:

  • What Creative Will Win the Super Bowl: Due to the pandemic, ads showing parties and groups are trending down, while visuals like puppies, pizza and costumes are trending up. Marketers are creatively conveying fun amidst nationwide social distancing.

  • The Vaccine’s Impact on Creative: Ads with the word “fear” surged in CTRs in February and October-November. Ads with the word “home” stayed steady throughout the year, in terms of CTR, but skyrocketed in December. To express optimism, visuals depicting summer, sports and people like bartenders are trending upward.

  • The Mediums that Most Engage Users: Going into 2021, Pattern89 projects that video ads will begin to outperform image ads on click-through rates more consistently.

“We know that people buy anything from people they know, like, and trust,” said Aaron Parkinson, CEO of 7 Mile Media SEZC. “In 2021, we are focusing on helping our clients manufacture fame and acquire a raving fan base. As we strategically leverage the social platforms, we’re using Pattern89 data to provide guidance and direction on how to make these campaigns as impactful as possible.”

To unlock these creative predictions, Pattern89 studied a proprietary data set of 200 billion+ data points, more than stars in the galaxy, 49,000+ dimensions analyzed for each creative and 11 years in historic data with algorithms re-run daily. For more information, or to view the January Creative Forecast and previous editions, visit

About Pattern89

Pattern89 provides powerful, artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands and agencies discover what creative decisions drive their most impactful digital performance. With creative analysis and prediction algorithms delivering over 95% accuracy, Pattern89 reduces waste by identifying successful patterns and outliers in companies’ ad creative performance data on digital channels. For more information, visit

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