Nylas Announces Components: JavaScript UI/UX Features That Boost User Productivity

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JavaScript UI/UX solutions allow developers to launch end-to-end productivity features fast

SAN FRANCISCO – April 6, 2021 – Nylas, a pioneer and leading provider of Productivity Infrastructure solutions for modern software development teams, today announced the launch of Components. Components are JavaScript UI/UX solutions that allow developers to bring productivity features to market faster without needing to design front-end elements from scratch.

DevOps Research and Assessments (DORA) analysis of the state of DevOps identified that making “smart investments in tooling, information search, and reducing technical debt through flexible, extensible, and viewable systems” as key to supporting productivity. Nylas’ core set of products enable developers to quickly and securely build features that connect to users’ email, calendar, and contacts data, while powering intelligent workflow automations with this data. With the addition of Components, developers can now build backend and front-end productivity features in a fraction of the time.

Components will initially consist of four fully-functioning UX solutions with additional white-labeled and customizable solutions planned to further assist in modern UX productivity and functionality. The Nylas Components include:

  • Agenda Component: The Agenda Component leverages the Nylas Calendar API to display a summarized view of each selected day’s events. This component offers the ability to navigate any number of days in the past and future. Users can click on events to expand and show details and collapse all other events.

  • Composer: Composer uses the Nylas Email and Contact APIs so users can seamlessly compose and send emails. Compose also provides the ability to search for contacts, attach files, and send at a scheduled date/time using the Outbox endpoint.

  • Contact List Component: The Contact List Component leverages the Nylas Contacts APIs to enable users with the ability to search for and create contacts while providing critical information such as full name, email address, and last day emailed.

  • Scheduler: Powered by the Nylas Calendar API, Scheduler provides users with intelligent, highly customizable scheduling features including auto scheduling, editing, time zone and language support, as well as auto-routing meeting requests between multiple calendars based on first availability.

Nylas Components allow product leaders to navigate provider-specific requirements to position their application as the customer’s core productivity hub with ready-made UI and powerful connectivity integrations, while bypassing the need to shift roadmap priorities or build expansive teams of developers with both the back-end and front-end technical knowledge to build and maintain productivity solutions.

“Today’s technical leaders are tasked with delivering rich UX features that drive customer adoption, retention, and increase ROI, while simultaneously streamlining backend operations and development time,” said Gleb Polyakov, CEO of Nylas. “Components empower product leaders with ready-made UI and powerful connectivity integrations that alleviate bottlenecks, eliminate roadmap trade-offs, and create competitive advantages through modern UX capabilities that accelerate growth.”

Nylas provides Productivity Infrastructure solutions for more than 600 customers across 22 countries, such as Upwork, Wix, Dialpad, and Comcast. This announcement follows Nylas’ launch of its On-Prem offering for enterprise customers and the introduction of Workflows: pre-built templates for automating tasks in software applications.

For more information on Nylas Components, please visit www.nylas.com/products/components.

About Nylas

Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of productivity infrastructure solutions for modern software. Over 50,000 developers worldwide use the Nylas platform to quickly and securely build productivity features into their applications. With Nylas, developers get unprecedented access to rich communications data from their end-users, pre-built workflows that automate everyday tasks, embeddable UI/UX components for fast front-end development, and comprehensive security features – all delivered via a suite of powerful APIs that make integration easy.

Nylas was founded in 2013 and has raised over $55M to date from 8VC, Spark Capital, Slack, Citi Ventures, Round 13, ScaleUP, Data Collective, Fuel Capital, and SV Angel. Nylas customers span from large enterprises such as Ceridian, Hyundai, Fox News Corp, Hubspot, and Move.com to high-growth start-ups like Dialpad, Pipedrive, Lexicata, and Qualia. Learn more at www.nylas.com

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