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Scrummer Quiz

Although we have finished the second round of the Scrummer quiz already, but you can join this quiz anytime.  We have 3 more rounds to go, including this week starting today. We have announced the winners of the first and second round on the scrummer page and shared the answer key with all participants via e-mail. 

Whereas the previous week’s questions were all about the recent Scrum Guide Changes, this week’s questions are all about team spirit, collaboration and self-management. We have 3 new questions waiting for you.

Check your knowledge and with a little bit of luck, you can win an interesting prize shipped right to your doorsteps. Each winner will get a unique copy of “Fixing Your Scrum”, autographed by both authors Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller.  Ryan and Todd are fellow Professional Scrum Trainers with Scrum .org. In addition, we will throw a Scrum PosterKata Poster and two fun Scrum stickers into the mailing as well. Two lucky winners every week, every submission counts regardless of the submitted answers.

Coming Wednesday July 28th, we will announce the two winners and share the results with the participants again. 

Play the Scrummer Quiz

Here are a two Scrum related videos if you like warm-up to the Scrummer:

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