How to Study/Pass the PSM-1

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These study techniques used for studying/passing the Professional Scrum Master Exam-1 A.K.A. the PSM-1. I have shared these techniques with a few others and they have helped them study and pass their exams. Many of these techniques apply to pass other exams through and I believe will still hold true with other Scrum certification avenues as well.

I created this video as a tool & Breadcrumb to help others learn. I hope to pass on some of the value of my learning to others wishing to change careers and learn Agile. Keep on learning!

Helpful Links PSM-1 Open

MLapshin Practice Test

Scrum Quizzes

Audio version of the Scrum Guide

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Taking another certification besides the PSM-1?
I have other audio versions of the guides on a playlist here:

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Want to Learn More?
(We recommend these books for further study…)

By Ken Schwaber – Agile Project Management with Scrum (Microsoft Professional) (1st Edition) (1.2.2004)) –

Thanks again
keep on learning!

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