How Shift-Left Testing Improves DevOps Efficiency and Software Quality

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Shift-left testing is the key to deliver quality software at speed. Developers shift testing left to shorten long test cycles, prevent defects and mitigate risk earlier in the development cycle, rather than in later stages, to avoid rework and delays.

In this interview, IBM Z DevOps Testing Lead Nathan Cassata talks about shift-left testing, the benefits of shifting mainframe application testing to the left and how IBM Z DevOps testing solutions help accelerate enterprise cloud-native development.

Nathan is also one of the distinguished speakers presenting at Open Mainframe Virtual Summit. During his session, he will explain how to shift left testing for your traditional z/OS applications.

To learn more about how testing is integrated into a developer pipeline and how to create real unit tests, attend Nathan’s session at Open Mainframe Virtual Summit on Feb. 11. To check out the full agenda or to register for free, visit the Open Mainframe website.

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