Groove Adds Real-Time Opportunity and Pipeline Management to its Suite of Revenue Intelligence Capabilities

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Revenue intelligence has emerged as one of the hottest new categories in sales tech, and its importance has skyrocketed in a digital-first, remote-selling environment.

According to a recent blog post by Forrester Research, “Revenue intelligence solutions capture human engagement activity between buyers and sellers and automatically upload that data to CRM platforms.”

In the same post, Forrester predicts that the sales technology landscape will continue to consolidate in 2021, stating that “this notion of the sales engagement platform as a cockpit for sellers is likely to continue to drive further integrations between other sales tech categories and these platforms as the advantages of bringing everything to the seller where they sell (the original vision for CRM technology) become more widely recognized.”

Turns out they were right.

Today, Groove strengthened its position in Revenue Intelligence with real-time opportunity and pipeline management capabilities, building on the inherent strengths of our platform’s Salesforce-native architecture.

Groove has always had the most advanced activity capture in the industry, ensuring that sales leaders can trust their Salesforce data and keep a finger on the pulse of their business at all times. However activity capture is only part of the revenue picture.

All too often, sales teams have an incomplete picture of deals in play and overall pipeline health. Forrester Consulting found that nearly two-thirds of B2B decision-makers firms struggle with CRM data that is stale, distorted, or limited in nature, in a July 2020 study.

“We had major issues with getting our sales teams to document what they were doing in Gmail, and this is where Groove really shines,” said Bart Johnson, Director of User Engagement & Training at Aquent. “Groove isn’t just a huge timer saver for our reps, it also gives them ‘cross-vision’ into the different orgs and groups selling into account.”

Because Groove is native to Salesforce, it pulls real-time account and opportunity data into a collaborative workspace where team members can run live pipeline reviews and instantly push updates back to Salesforce. With this latest release, Groove provides revenue teams with an easy-to-use alternative to spreadsheet collaboration that can lead to deals falling through the cracks and the proliferation of shadow CRM.

“From incomplete sales activity data to out-of-date information stored in shadow CRMs, there are many challenges that prevent sales organizations from trusting their pipeline and conducting comprehensive reviews,” said Chris. “Today’s release solves a critical usability challenge that Salesforce users have faced since the platform’s inception, in a way that establishes transparency and trust between the rep and the seller.”

You can learn more about Groove’s suite of revenue intelligence capabilities in the platform section of our website.


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