Granulate Issues Findings from State of Cloud Computing Survey Highlighting Underutilization of IT Infrastructure

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Based on a survey of senior IT professionals at 100 companies spending nearly $1 million annually on cloud computing, findings identify widespread underutilization of CPU and desire for easy-to-implement solutions

Tel Aviv, Israel, March 24th, 2021 – Granulate, a provider of autonomous real-time computing workload optimization and cost reduction solutions, today released the findings from its first State of Cloud Computing survey. The respondents were 100 senior DevOps and IT professionals from companies across various industries that spend over $80,000 per month on their cloud computing needs. The results indicate a widespread underutilization of cloud computing resources across the board.

Over 50% of respondents to the survey stated that their server utilization rate is only 20-40% – despite the fact that respondents listed improving performance as a top priority.

Even though cloud infrastructure offers flexibility and autoscaling that is intended to ensure customized CPU allocation, 46% of those surveyed responded that autoscaling rules activated when CPU usage was only between 30-50%. Companies migrating to the cloud maintain the same practices and utilization thresholds as they did pre-migration, leading to low resource utilization and relatively low thresholds for autoscaling – impacting company-wide productivity.

Additional findings include:

  • Respondents ranked their top concerns as infrastructure performance, followed by optimal response time and cloud costs.
  • 40% stated that their main concern is improving performance and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • 52% of respondents said their average CPU utilization is 20-40%.
  • 46% of respondents said that autoscaling rules activate at only 30-50% of CPU usage.
  • The top reasons for not implementing performance optimization solutions include concerns over downtime, R&D manpower requirements, budget restrictions, difficulties in identifying vendors, prioritization of other innovations, and time to value.
  • 90% of respondents stated they would try a solution that would help improve performance while increasing utilization.

“We conducted this survey to illustrate why utilization thresholds, which were once the norm for on-premise, must now shift based on the flexibility of the cloud,” says Asaf Ezra, CEO and co-founder of Granulate. “As cloud computing becomes more sophisticated and can handle more data at a rapid-fire pace, optimizing infrastructure is key to ensuring robust and consistent performance. This survey shows that IT leaders are keenly interested in realizing the cloud’s potential, both from a compute and cost-saving perspective, but are wary of taking chances on solutions that would be too much of a drain on resources.”

About Granulate

Granulate is a real-time, autonomous computing optimization company that delivers reduced compute costs, faster response time, and better throughput, without any code changes required. Granulate’s patent-pending next-generation solution provides AI-driven, infrastructure and workload optimization for robust compute performance and cost improvements in any computing environment, empowering businesses of any size from any industry by bolstering their computing power while slashing computing costs. Companies that have implemented Granulate have reduced compute expenses by up to 60%, benefitting from a 40% response time reduction and 5X increase in throughput. For more information, visit:

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