Don’t Miss AgilityToday 2021 Fest!

AgilityToday 2021

Let’s cultivate some hope and scrub out the layer of gloom and despair.

Let’s open the doors to many new possibilities, the ones we haven’t imagined.

Let’s thrive when it’s looks hard to even survive <3

In the times when we can’t meet our community, go out without fear, travel to that much-awaited event. When there is no certainty how our world’s well-being and economy will be in the coming days. When we are overwhelmed with constantly working online from home and offered so many online programs,  let’s find our way back to our peers, discover possibilities together, and offer hope to each other. Let’s break barriers imposed by the virtual world and make real connections possible.

Join us for AgilityToday 2021 Fest, created by AgileVirgin, Agile Alliance, and the India Agile Community for learning, networking, and cultural exchange

This 6-month event is intended to help participants learn, unwind, and unleash their true potential.

Starting with our Mentorship Program, centered around our Unconference, and ending with DREAM BIG, this fest offers 10 Agility-enabling spaces, each offering various Unwinding and learning experiences. This year’s theme is “Rapid Adaptation to changes brought by COVID19 – A conversation

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