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When the annual deliver:Agile event was canceled earlier this year, I was sad.

The program team — Cheryl Hammond, Amr Noaman, Amitai Schleier — and I had put together a lovely program full of interesting keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops. I was excited to feature a mix of the XP old guard and rising stars in technical spaces. I felt like the technical portions of the Agile community were already chronically under-served and I was almost heartbroken to lose one of the few opportunities available to specifically benefit that audience.

But then Ellen Grove presented me with an opportunity. Ellen told me I could have pretty much free range to experiment under the deliver:Agile Live! banner. Our new series of monthly events was born.

Advantages of deliver:Agile Live!

Although we all really enjoyed the annual deliver:Agile conference, it became immediately clear a series of remote events would have some advantages.

Responding to the community in real time

Of course, this won’t come as news to any Agilists, but smaller, more frequent deployments are ideal for highly uncertain situations. Having a monthly event enabled us to respond to the needs of the Agile technical community in real time and collect tons of input and stories from them.

Perhaps the most impactful example of this was when a big round of layoffs and furloughs hit our community pretty hard in the late summer and early fall. Suddenly technologists were unexpectedly job-seeking. With this need in mind, we were able to quickly put together a session with experts who specialize in advising candidates seeking technical roles in Agile environments. It was hugely rewarding and I continue to hear amazing stories of folks finding the perfect role as a result of the advice shared and the connections made during that session.

For the 2021 event schedule, we are planning

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