Change Is Knocking: The Future Readiness with Ian Khan

The Future Readiness

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In preparation for TechStrong Con next week, MediaOps media guru Rebecca Auguste sat down with featured keynote speaker, CNN technology futurist, Forbes contributor and CEO and founder of Futuracy, Ian Khan to talk about future readiness.

A globally recognized technology futurist and creator of the Future Readiness Score, Ian will be hosting a live session at TechStrong Con, “The Art and Science of Future Readiness,” on July 15 at 11:45 a.m. (EDT). In this session, Ian will help put a realistic picture around what businesses need to do and must to not just survive but thrive and why a measurable method for success is key to purpose, growth and profitability. But, what is future readiness? What does a technology futurist do? And why is future readiness important to digital transformation?

As a stepping stone for what’s to come in next week’s live session, Ian’s interview with Rebecca not only sheds light on the questions above, but also how to make sense of the state of disruptive chaos in the world today. Modern technological change is impacting some businesses as it has never done so in the last 500 years. Within this era, the rules of success are somewhat different from what they were, even just 10 years ago, which is why Ian’s future readiness is as important as ever.

You can read more about future readiness on Ian’s website here, but he says, “the problem has been that future readiness is a misunderstood area of management and leadership. You ask somebody if they are future ready and they will possibly tell you about how many technologies they are using or not using and that’s just one part of it. Future readiness has to be at the highest level of importance in your business because it dictates and governs everything that is happening whether you’re selling, marketing, you’re a servicing client, it encompasses everything to help you grow.”

In addition to future readiness is your future readiness score. Ian says, “The future readiness score figures this out, helps you understand where do you stand with the respect of the systems of operation in the engagement category” and that, “organizations that are future ready have engagement mastered.” But it isn’t enough to read your readiness score. Ian is adamant that, “Your journey has to continue from there and you’ve got to keep on monitoring your future readiness score and work on improving it.”

So how can businesses not only keep up with all the changes, but find ways to anticipate future trends? The most important thing is that, “You’ve gotta be quick to adapt and to respond. You can’t just wait and get paralyzed from what’s happening out there. As a leader, your responsibility now is to be fast, responsive and to be quick to do anything that is required. You’ve also got to have phenomenal observational powers now where you’re looking at short-term, medium-term and long-term trends and identifying information that is coming from there and incorporating that into your business.”

Some advice Ian would give someone ready to start their journey with future readiness is that, “Change will continue happening to you. Change will continue knocking on the doors of your business. It’ll continue disrupting you and challenging you. Your sales models, your sales teams, there will always be competitors who will come up against your business so the environment is constantly going to change. Please expect that. Expect that every single day that you walk into work that you talk with your teams and customers and work with your customers to get them ready for change because that’s when they’ll love you. In order to make this golden exchange happen you’ve got to know what the change is, you’ve got to anticipate it, you’ve got to look into it. The future readiness score can help you do that. Or just being super aware of what’s happening in your world can do that. We’ve got to open our eyes to change, accept it, make it part of our everyday and success will knock at your doors.”

Begin your future readiness journey at TechStrong Con. To see the full agenda and secure your free spot at the virtual event, visit the TechStrong Con website.

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