Atlassian’s Shift to the Cloud Gets Underway

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Atlassian today announced the general availability of Cloud Enterprise, a cloud-based service through which organizations can mix and match the company’s various offerings under a single subscription.

The company has signaled its intention to shift toward cloud services for months; now, the initial Cloud Enterprise subscription will cover the company’s Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Management offerings.

Bala Venkatrao, head of product for Enterprise Cloud at Atlassian, said the goal is to make it more cost efficient for organizations to consume the company’s software versus merely acquiring a license to deploy software in an on-premises IT environment.

The company is also making controls available that enable governance of user and change management via a centralized admin hub. Administrators can assign users to instances, configure security policies and monitor usage trends through the hub. There are also built-in integrations with third-party identity-as-a-service providers, to enable administrators to automate provisioning and de-provisioning.

Administrators can also set up and customize multiple application instances; they can keep data pinned to different regions to customize those instances with specific marketplace applications or configurations for compliance purposes.

Finally, a marketplace will allow IT organizations to expand the number of applications they consume from Atlassian and its partners. A smart links and app switcher capability for Jira and Confluence Cloud enable easy collaboration across different instances of Atlassian applications.

Atlassian currently has more than 182,000 customers, so it may take some time to transition the existing installed base to this model. In the meantime, Atlassian is pushing as many new customers as possible toward a cloud platform that makes it easier for Atlassian to keep customers current on the latest release of its software. Atlassian plans to support up to 20,000 users per application instance by later this year.

Venkatrao said while the Atlassian portfolio is frequently consumed by individual end users, the Cloud Enterprise offering is designed to appeal to CIOs, and other senior level executives, that want to centralize billing for application services now accessed via the cloud. That approach will make it easier for large organizations to take advantage of discounts they may qualify for as overall usage increases, Venkatrao said.

While Atlassian may be a little late to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) application game, Venkatrao noted that the Cloud Enterprise platform will make it simpler for Atlassian to apply AI to the metadata it will collect. Atlassian has already leveraged AI to improve document search within Confluence and Jira, in addition to employing predictive analytics to surface recommendations for including personnel on a project.

It may be a slow transition to the cloud for Atlassian, but that transition is clearly underway.

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