Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer – Featured PST: Simon Bourk, Canada

Content By Scrum Youtube

As the first episode of the “Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer” series by, PST, Simon Bourk answered the audience’s Scrum questions including:

-What was your experience in becoming a Professional Scrum Trainer and going through that process?
– Do you have any good advice on how to get your teams working together to create a great Sprint Goal?
-Is the Scrum Master expected to encourage the Development Team to do Test Driven Development (TDD) and are there any tools that you’ve used for TDD?
-Do you have any stories you can share about a time you tried to help a company implement Scrum and they resisted the change? How did you overcome the resistance?
-Do you need to have a technical or development background to be a good Scrum Master?

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