Agile at Home: Co-Founders of The Personal Agility Institute Teach Family Agility

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Today in our at-home agility series, Peter Stevens and Maria Matarelli, @Scrum Alliance® Certified Scrum Trainers, founders of The Personal Agility Institute, and authors of Personal Agility: Six Questions to Change Your Life discuss family agility, from mapping priorities to adapting together while staying on course. Thank you for joining us. #scrum #agile #kanban #scrumalliance #agileathome #personalagility #agilefamily

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Powerful Questions from Agile Coaches to Help Your Family Prioritize What Matters Most
Who are we?
What’s special about us?
What really matters to us?
What is the change or maintenance we’re seeking together?

Establish ‘Working Agreements’ & a Check-in Cadence
From the beginning and throughout the lifetime of your family’s prioritization and celebration together, craft working agreements and have discussions about:
Transparency: How could we improve visibility into our progress?
Communication: How are we enjoying working together, and what might improve our communication?
Responsibility: Have our responsibilities changed or do they need to change?
Trust: How have we built our relationships on a trusting foundation?
Safety: Do we continue to maintain a psychologically safe environment in which we may all grow?
Agreements: Are our agreements serving our purpose and meeting our needs?

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About the Interviewees
Maria Matarelli is an international business consultant, experienced agile coach, and Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) who consults and trains companies on reaching true agility. She is co-founder of the Agile Marketing Academy and Founder and President of Formula Ink, the international consulting company.

Peter Stevens is an author, executive coach, Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer®, co-Founder of the World Agility Forum, and creator of the Personal Agility System. He wrote “Ten Agile Contracts: Getting Beyond Fixed-Price, Fixed Scope,” is an instrument-rated pilot, speaks four languages, and lives in Zurich with his family and two cats.

Together, they founded the Personal Agility Institute and are writing “Personal Agility: Six Questions to Change Your Life.” Their goal is to help people and organizations become who they want to be and achieve what they want to achieve.

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