Accelerating AIOps with the Mainframe

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AIOps uses artificial intelligence by combining big data, analytics and machine learning to enhance IT operations. To successfully adopt and scale AIOps, it is critical for enterprises to add the mainframe to the equation. Adopting AIOps requires a holistic approach focused on business processes and workflows. The resiliency of a workflow depends on the health of every link in the chain. In order to be successful, you need visibility and insight throughout the entirety of the workflow.

In this interview, Maneesh Goyal, AIOps Offering Management program director at IBM, explains how AIOps is changing IT operations and why the mainframe is so critical to the success of AIOps adoption.

Maneesh is a DevOps expert with over 24 years of experience leading operations and management across hybrid and public cloud environments, including IBM Z. He is also one of the distinguished speakers presenting at Open Mainframe Virtual Summit, along with Mürsel Taşgın, mainframe systems manager at Credit Bureau of Turkey. During their session, Maneesh and Mürsel will discuss how organizations such as Credit Bureau of Turkey are accelerating AIOps by leveraging the wealth of operational data on IBM Z to make quick and accurate decisions in order to improve resiliency.

Learn more about IBM’s AIOps framework and assessment to determine the next step for your business by attending Maneesh and Mürsel’s session at Open Mainframe Virtual Summit on Feb. 11. To check out the full agenda or to register for free, visit the Open Mainframe website.

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