A Huge Thank You to Agile Alliance Volunteers

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April 18-24th 2021 is Volunteer Week in the US and Canada, and at Agile Alliance we recognize that much of our work and service to the community is accomplished through the hard work of many volunteers.

As a member-supported organization, we want to give a round of thanks to the people who keep all of the wheels turning here at the Alliance.   We don’t say “Thank you!” enough, so this week we’d like to take a moment to pause and give sincere thanks to the many volunteers who dedicate so much of their time and energy to help us make the member experience of an Agile Alliance member the best that it can be.

Ways Our Volunteers Serve

Here are some of the many ways that volunteers serve our organization.


Initiatives: From the recently born Agile In Color Initiative to the venerable Agile Open Initiative, the needs of the community are served by many passionate individuals who saw a need, a gap in services, or an inspiring way to contribute, and proposed their initiative to the Agile Alliance Board. Some of that work includes:

  • Providing funding for not-for-profit Agile-focused conferences, Open Space events, speaker appearances at community events, and community group support in the Agile space.
  • Providing Agile training to high school students residing in tech-challenged school districts throughout the United States through the 5 Saturdays program.
  • Providing support for events and speakers in emerging economies world-wide such as South Africa, Columbia, and more.
  • Making Agile Product Management practices and principles accessible to many more people through events and meetups.
  • Hosting excellent Agile Coach Camp events which attract participants from all over the world to foster agile coaching skills.
  • Agile Retrospectives and training events to improve the retrospective experience.
  • Mentoring and coaching focused on historically underrepresented communities, such as Agilists of color.
  • Building a thriving community of Agilists in India through a series of events stretching throughout the year, beginning with an unconference and ending with job fairs and mentorship opportunities.
  • Growing Racial Equity through a series of online events that began in 2020 and will continue into 2021, to open up conversations on Equity and Diversity in the Agile and tech space.
  • Experience Report shepherds who guide and craft the stories that help inform us of what is happening in our communities.
  • Business Agility leaders and practitioners who share learnings

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