5 Ways to Accelerate Standards Compliance With Static Code Analysis

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In mission- and safety-critical industries, static code analysis is essential to facilitating the development of robust and reliable software. However, according to VDC Research, a B2B technology market intelligence and consulting firm, only 27% of embedded developers report using static code analysis tools. This raises an important question: Why is the adoption rate for static code analysis tools so low, when they are more effective than manual code reviews at finding coding errors, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities?

In this webinar, we’ll answer that question, as well as explain how to effectively implement a static code analysis tool in your software development process. In addition, our presenters will review the results of the VDC Research paper on software development trends, techniques and best practices for standards compliance within embedded software development teams.

Three key takeaways from the webinar include:
1. Understanding trends for standards compliance.
2. Identifying common challenges for automotive, medical, industrial automation and other types of embedded software applications.
3. Learning best practices for achieving compliance using different tools, techniques, and processes.


To read more, please visit: https://www.perforce.com/webinars/kw/5-ways-accelerate-standards-compliance-static-code-analysis

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